Exciting Week for the Lab

The past 7 days have been very exciting for the Disordered Eating & Suicidal Behavior Lab!

1) ICED – Saturday Recap

On the last day of the International Conference on Eating Disorders, we saw:

  • Dr. Christopher Fairburn present on Minimising* the Risk of Relapse. This presentation focused on helping clients stay well after treatment termination. Through data presentation, clinical examples, and a video, Dr. Fairburn outlined specific approaches for empowering clients with relapse prevention tools. The key idea is that clients can learn to recognize and effectively manage the inevitable setbacks that come with recovery from an eating disorder.

*Fairburn is British.

A blurry picture of Fairburn:


  • Dr. Jo Ellison from the Neuropsychiatric Research Institute presented on Meal Patterning in the Treatment of Bulimia Nervosa. She described interesting data on how changes in meal patterns from the beginning of treatment to the end of treatment impact disordered eating behavior. There was a lot of useful information, and one main take-home message was that eating breakfast and especially dinner regularly was associated with less bulimic behavior. It can be a struggle for people with eating disorders to stick to eating regular, calorie-sufficient meals because of their concerns about weight gain. However, these data, along with other studies, suggest that a daily routine of consistently eating meals and snacks is really helpful for preventing binge eating and purging.

A slightly less blurry picture of Jo:


2) NDSU College of Science and Mathematics Community Lecture

My graduate mentor, Dr. Thomas Joiner, gave this year’s community lecture on Wednesday. There was a wonderful turnout at the Fargo Theatre for his talk on Why People Die By Suicide. I heard from several students, faculty, and community members that his talk was informative and inspiring. It was also great to have time to catch up with him. You can listen to the interview he did with Prairie Public here.

20150429_163523 (2)

Dr. Joiner describing his theory:


3) Area Paper Defense

In our graduate program, students advance to doctoral candidacy by completing a comprehensive, critical analysis and review of a research area of their choice. They write a manuscript and then present their findings to their dissertation committee. Today, Allison Minnich presented on The Relationship Between Appearance-Related Comparisons and Disordered Eating Behaviors. She delved into this literature and emerged with exciting ideas for future research. Her committee was impressed, and she passed with flying colors. Congratulations, Ally!



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